About the ‘5 Year Old Refugee’

An ongoing series of observations and commentary on the Trump administration, the state of the Democratic Party in a post-Obama world, and the lonely life of a former centrist in a current political climate dominated by extremes. For me the only way to preserve the ongoing experiment that is America is to consistently put country first, party second and today that means providing a viable option to a GOP that has swung hard to the right.

Why this domain name? Because it represents the most glaring failure of the Trump Administration. The ‘Ban’ (I will use the term ban because our President* said we could use whatever term we like so, yes, that’s the term for me.) is not who we are as a nation. I endorse our own – and other nations of the world – time honored tradition of holding out a helping hand and a warm embrace to those forced to flee their homeland due to war, various means of persecution, the inability or unwillingness of their government to protect them from human rights abuses, or a host of other factors that make their life intolerable.