The Earth is Now Flat: Thanks GOP!

President* Trump’s unhinged series of tweets this past Saturday morning claiming that former President Barack Obama had Trump’s phones tapped was just the latest outrage courtesy of the country’s 45th president.

Bypassing our country’s intelligence and law enforcement resources, the President* decided to just go with his own internet connection and came up with a surefire way to add to his already horrendous track record when it comes to the truth. After years of promoting the ‘Kenyan born Obama’ accusation, our newest President* really hit the ground running with new accusations: the abhorrent claim of faulty general election vote count thanks to 3-5 million fraudulent votes, the trite but telling inauguration crowd size fib, and just today the really huge claim regarding the ‘greatness’ of the proposed GOP-backed ACA replacement bill.

The above ‘Trump greatest hits’ are just to set the table for the purpose of this post – I could literally spend a thousand words listing the rest of Trump’s daily sprints away from reality – but let’s just get right to the heart of the problem here: currently there are 237 republicans in the House. There are 52 republican senators. That is 289 men and women who have thus far failed in their entirety to stand tall, put country above party, and speak out against the mockery Trump is making of the presidency.

Most of the posts found at this site are written from a place of pain. Sometimes I will use a bit of humor to try and inject some levity into the grim proceedings of writing about a fool elected as the 45th POTUS who could quite literally kill us and the rest of the world in a fit of pique. I write as a form of meditation, to assuage the hurt and horror I feel that my fellow Americans elected a carnival barker to the Office of POTUS.

If you live long enough you’re going to meet or see a single man or woman who is nothing short of a complete and utter ass with no empathy or concern for their fellow humans. They are all about themselves and exist simply to benefit themselves. Trump isn’t the first person I’ve seen like that. A single person who fails to measure up as a worthy human being is a person we can all come to terms with. We can even use them as cautionary tales for the benefit of teaching our children what not to be like. When you know what these people are about, when you understand their motivations, and their lack of accountability as people you can adjust and learn to live with their failures as human beings.

What I can’t adjust to, what is becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible to deal with, are the GOP men and women of the 115th Congress – those elected officials who sit in the House and the Senate – who are incapable of forming the words necessary to bring Trump to heel and to restore some form of dignity to our nation’s political body. Time and again we have a president tweeting insults or falsehoods targeting his perceived enemies (of which there is a seemingly endless supply), followed by members of the GOP giving news outlets the “I don’t know what you’re taking about” routine. Rather than someone, anyone in the GOP House or Senate actually saying for the record the president is the emperor with no clothes we are made to suffer the fool for another day while members of the House and Senate use their words to twist themselves into human pretzels to avoid even the hint of looking the camera in the eye and saying what any sane, rational viewer already knows: we are in serious trouble. This sad story is on an endless loop: the President says the earth is flat and then a GOP enabler scurries out in front of a microphone and proceeds to explain that perhaps the President* has some insight we are lacking so …. uhh…you know…you gotta’ take him at his word. Or better still: we are treated to a true GOP sycophant who is willing to suffer us fools out here in the electorate just long enough to explain that ‘Yes: the president makes an interesting point! We need to study the earth’s flatness in greater detail as we’ve been told for years by democrats that the earth is round!’

Oh brother, seriously?!

GOP Gets Complete Fail on Standing Up to Trump Accusations

I understand the desire to appear steady, to remain calm when the storm waves generated by an asinine tweet are at their highest and the ship of state seems close to foundering, but without the voice of even one member of the GOP to stand and say ‘this I cannot abide’. To call out the President* for the spiteful and sometimes unhinged bully he can be is not the act of calm courage but an act of weakness in the face of a man who is a one man wrecking ball on truth, logic, and simple human decency, and who has consistently shown himself to be unfit for public office. It’s one thing to be talking about a city councilman or a state legislator who has his peculiarities and you walk away thinking ‘okay this guy is bonkers’ and perhaps – perhaps! – if the democrats had control of even one part of the legislative branch we could abide the insanity of our king, but with control of the entirety of Congress, it is even more of an imperative that someone in the GOP stand up and provide a counterbalance to the company the President* has in his lunacy.

Is there not one GOP member of the House or the Senate who can say: ‘You know what? I’m not going to be around after the 115th Congress and I owe it to my children and my grandchildren to protect them by standing up to the carnage the GOP is currently inflicting on helpless refugees, minorities, the LBGTQ community, our environment, my neighbors back home who need access to the benefits of the ACA…’? Can they really ALL be in lockstep on all the madness that stretches out before them?

I’m willing to bet that person will feel mighty good after the barrage of attack tweets by our President* subside and that person can look themselves in the mirror and like what stares back at them: they will have had the double pleasure of vanquishing a bully and wiping the perpetual smirk off of Paul Ryan’s face. Here’s hoping we all live long enough to see it happen before the President*’s behavior morphs into something far more sinister and far more damaging than the GOP majority can help contain.