What’s a Few Starving Seniors When You Can Add Some More Ships?

This week President Trump* unveiled his first budget and it’s a thing of beauty if you’re no fan of seniors eating. Among the numerous proposed cuts contained in the Trump budget – cuts designed to offset a proposed $54 billion increase in defense spending – is a zero out of the budget allotment for the Community Development Block Grant, which in part helps fund Meals on Wheels.

Trump’s budget office defended the cut on this program by saying it’s one of many that isn’t showing any results. And in their own perverse logic there’s a rightness there: I mean if you put the money over in the defense budget, at some point you will have a really nifty new ship to point at as a result of even more proliferate spending on a United States defense budget that is already larger than the next seven countries combined. If you keep spending money on things like prepared meals for more than 2.4 million seniors aged 60 and over who are either too frail or too poor to prepare their own food? Seriously? All you’re going to have is millions of seniors who are being rewarded for rigging the system.

I mean why are these people home anyway? Anyone who knows anything about growing old in America, knows we are an enlightened society that is senior-friendly with nursing home care that is utterly delightful, plentiful, and incredibly affordable (You get that I’m kidding, right? Right?!).

Look folks, we have a serious problem here: we have an administration and a majority party in Washington that is simply hell-bent on culling the population: already sick or will get sick in the future? Need adequate and affordable access to healthcare? Tough luck sucker. Have the audacity to grow old in this country without ample resources to feed yourself or perhaps just grow too old and frail to prepare a healthy meal for yourself that will help see you through the day? Get outta’ here with that nonsense!

For all of you out there that thought Washington was too much the province of too many lawyers and public policy ‘experts’ who liked to spend other people’s money, and thought it was time to bring in a businessman to show Washington some fiscal sanity the joke’s on you: our President* and his crew simply see no return on their investment when it comes to – you know – actual people. To this president and the GOP, there’s nothing to be gained by helping people live without the fear of illness and financial ruin by way of tweaking the ACA; there’s nothing to be gained by helping seniors gain access to the health benefits that come with  access to healthy meals prepared and delivered to their homes by way of programs like Meals on Wheels; there’s nothing to be gained by supporting the arts for our children; teaching programs by way of the Department of Education; or helping to ensure a healthy and safe future for our nation’s children by way of a thriving EPA that helps protect our environment.

I don’t know why everyone is so worried about automation taking away jobs: thanks to budgets like this one, the only viable way to survive under this administration is to be a robot. Here’s another even weirder thought for Trump fans to gnaw on: you know who else sacrifices the civilian population at large while giving preferential treatment to the military? The guy we’re all supposed to fear: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Politics really does make for strange bedfellows, doesn’t it?